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Stanley DiggsDr. Stanley Diggs, DD is the establishmentarian of Love Divine Ministries, Inc., and the Love Divine Family Worship Center. He was a voice crying in the wilderness of time. In getting to know him, one knew he had been tried in the fire and brought forth as a vessel of righteousness for the Master’s work. He believed in worshiping God, preaching God’s Word, and teaching the Gospel to the point of understanding.

Dr. Stanley Diggs served faithfully in the U.S. Military for 21 years and was ordained as an Elder in the Lord’s Church, under The Israelites Pentecostal Church, Inc. Baltimore, Maryland (now the New Israelite Church of Deliverance, Inc. N.I.C.O.D.) and under the spiritual leadership of his mother and mentor, the Honorable Overseer Almeter Diggs.

Denise DiggsWhile stationed at Fort Monroe, VA, in 1983 he met and married his wife of over 27 years, Denise Diggs. Together they worked faithfully in ministry.

During his military travels, Dr. Diggs served as a Minister, Assistant Pastor, and later as Pastor in Fort Drum, NY, Germany and Fort Bliss, TX. He received three degrees: a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education, a Master's of Theology and a Doctor of Divinity Degree from The Apostolic College of Grace and Truth.

In 1998, Dr. Diggs retired from the U.S. Army and returned to settle in Baltimore, MD. He was excited that he now was able to give all his time and attention to ministry. He would finally be serving with his family again, especially his mother in ministry!

While awaiting the birth and vision of pastoring a Family Worship Center, he served under the careful guidance of his Overseer, and in 2002, with the support and encouragement of his wife, Dr. Stanly Diggs and Elder Denise Diggs were released from N.I.C.O.D. Inc., to give birth to Love Divine Ministries and The Love Divine Family Worship Center.

Stanley and Denise DiggsDr. Diggs had an immense passion for ministry and his number one goal was to see souls saved. He can still be heard saying… that the “Altar was for Alterations” … and he never rushed an altar call when welcoming souls to Christ. While pastoring the Love Divine Family Worship Center, Dr, Diggs served as an Overseer and Spiritual Covering for several churches including Soldiers for Christ of Houston Texas, and New Beginnings of Germany. He pastored the people of God under his watchful care with love and compassion and can still be heard saying that his job was to “Teach them to fall in love with Jesus.”

Pastor Stan, affectionally known to many, was received in heaven by the heavenly hosts in January of 2012. His wife and life companion, Elder Denise Diggs, joined him thereafter, in 2017. They are both remembered and celebrated for their awesome commitment, and services rendered to their families, and to the Body of Christ!

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