Who is Stepah’s Grp, LLC?

Stepah’s Grp, LLC was founded by Kevin Smith along with investors and entrepreneurs who have allied with common goals of creating a real estate firm to provide opportunities and growth for surrounding communities with reliability and affordable housing. The quest of Stepah’s Grp, LLC is to purchase land, commercial property, and real property undervalued by way of tax liens, foreclosure, bankruptcy, and short sales to contribute to our economic growth, creating opportunity and seeking profits.

Our Mission

  • To continually commit to the Lord in whatever we do, knowing our plans will succeed.
  • Remember the Lord, our God, for who He is with the abilities He provides to produce wealth.
  • Honor the Lord with our wealth and with the first fruits of our labor.
  • To leave an inheritance for our children’s children.

Our Vision

  • To build and create an atmosphere that expands and enhances the quality of life in all surrounding neighborhoods in the State of Maryland.
  • We will develop a firm that will maintain high economic growth for all communities.
  • Use social media and web-based outlets to broaden our brand of quality and honesty.
  • We will seek partners and develop strong working relationships

Our Principles

  • Always demonstrate the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • Renovate and build housing that will enhance and promote homeownership for everyone.
  • Be a voice and a solution for communities that demand affordable housing.
  • Be positive role-models that promote hope, pride, and determination.
  • Support sustainable and transformative development.
  • We will not promote proselytizing – the means to induce someone to convert to our faith; to recruit someone to join and convert to a new faith.