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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
1) How do I submit my creative writing entry to The Site To Write? Simply send us your content in an email to or to You can type the content directly into the body of the email if it's not too long, or send it as an email attachment.
2) Should I get my work copyrighted? Your work is copyrighted as soon as you say it is. For example, "Copyright, 2011 John Doe" means John Doe owns the copyright. The copyright symbol also works. You can formally file for the copyright through the U.S. Copyright Office.
3) How do I find the copyright symbol on my computer To get the © character, make sure the "Num Lok" key on the right-hand side of your PC is on, and use those numbers. Hold down the "Alt" key and press 0169.
4) What are some good reasons for self-publishing? Self-publishing gives you total control over your editorial and design and allows you to make a much larger profit. You retain all copyrights and usually get to see your work in print within a few weeks.
5) How difficult is it to publish my own book? You can do it easily and do it well with so many resources available on the Internet. A minimal financial investment is necessary to self-publish a professional looking book.
6) What is the difference between a cover, a jacket and a casewrap? A cover is the term used to describe what wraps around a paperback book. Jackets and casewraps are used on hard cover books. A jacket has flaps and can be removed from the book. Casewraps wrap the binder board, and are typically used on children’s books, cookbooks, etc.